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Neurotrope BioScience, a publicly traded company under the stock symbol “NTRP”, is collaborating with the Blanchette Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute (BRNI) to advance novel diagnostic and therapeutic technologies developed at BRNI that have shown exceptional promise in both preclinical and clinical models of Alzheimer’s Disease. The commercial introduction of a new, non-invasive diagnostic test for early stage Alzheimer’s Disease is the first milestone this collaboration seeks to achieve. Following this, the BRNI-Neurotrope BioScience team plans on initiating several Phase 2 clinical trials in this disease with novel drug prototypes discovered at BRNI.

Activation of PKCe is believed to have a multimodal effect in reversing the key pathological processes that lead to the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. Drugs effective in activating PKCe could delay the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease and possibly restore cognitive and memory functions already damaged by the disease

Synaptogenesis: Stimulating the Formation of Synapses between Neurons in the Nervous System

The research team at BRNI has pioneered a new approach to treat neurodegenerative disease through the activation of protein kinase C-epsilon (PKCε).  While the inhibition of PKC has previously been explored in clinical studies for the treatment of cancer, BRNI has discovered the selective activation of this enzyme is effective in treating memory and cognition disorders stemming from neurodegenerative disease. This approach exploits a complex pathway of biochemical events in the neuron that seem to be centrally orchestrated by PKCε. The changes mediated by PKCε  effectively converge in reversing the neuronal damage and loss central to the pathogenic process in Alzheimer’s Disease.

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